Stallion judging and selection

Lusitano stallions will be judged by an official judge sent by the A.P.S.L. The regulations required are as follows:

  1. Semen analysis must be good.
  2. X-Rays are not necessary as of yet.
  3. A stallion cannot have the following on his judging scores:
    1. 1 x 4 points
    2. 2 x 5 points
    3. 3 x 6 points
  4. The following are judged as points of the horse:
    1. Head & Neck
    2. Shoulder & withers
    3. Chest & ribcage
    4. Back & Loins (1.5X)
    5. Croup
    6. Limbs (1.5X)
    7. Total impression of the horse (1.5X)
    8. Paces (1.5X)
      1. This made up of a score of walk, trot and canter
  5. The stallion must be shown in hand and under saddle and must be at least 4 years old.
  6. A stallion that does not pass the judging may not be used for breeding – i.e. his offspring will never be entered into the Studbook.
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